Kashmir Golf club

The Kashmir Golf Club, with its splendid location along the Srinagar city’s main avenue M A Road, is the oldest Golf course of Kashmir valley built in 1887 by the British. This golf course, flanked by mighty Chinar and poplar trees on all sides, is equipped with 18 hole and par of 70. Spread over 52 acres of verdant land, it sits like a serene oasis in the hustle of the city having been venue for numerous tournaments in its entire history. Stocked will all the necessary luxuries and facilities, golfing at Kashmir Golf Course is an experience to be cherished throughout one’s life.

Being in the heart of Srinagar city and with luxury hotels in its vicinity, it has been a favourite golfing spot for the high end tourists and the golfers from around the world. It is the first Golf Club at Srinagar with well laid out bunkers and hazards, interspersed between rows of Chinars and pine trees having a professional 18-hole course. Ever during a rest amid the soothing ambience of the Golf Course, one can have splendid views of Suleiman Hills and Shankaracharya Temple, located just a few hundred yards from here. It has an advantage over other golf courses in the country by offering an exclusive opportunity for golf enthusiasts to play through an extended summer, from April to November. Temperate climate of the place allows the golfer to play longer hours without getting tired.

Golfing was introduced in Kashmir in the 19th century by British, who used to spend summers in the valley, sparing themselves of the scorching temperatures in the country’s plains. The golf courses in Kashmir mesmerize the players by breathtaking beauty and environs. Seeing the potential of golf in promoting tourism, the UT government is on path of creating world class infrastructure and facilities in this sector. Kashmir Golf Club has to its credit the apprenticeship of famous golfers of India like the late Billoo PG Sethi, the late Maharaja Hari Singh and the late president of India Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed.

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