The early bloom of flowers on Almond trees in the sprawling historic Badamwari garden in Shahr-e-Khaas has become a source of attraction for nature lovers and tourists, alike. Situated on foothills of Hari Parbat, the 300 kanals garden was dotted with trees, flowers and cascades providing a soothing experience to the visitors.

Historians maintain there was no record to suggest who laid the garden but they say it existed even before the rule of Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin in the 14th century. A well covered dome in the garden is named after an Afghan ruler, Warris Khan. The bloom on the Almond trees heralded the spring and marked the New Year for Kashmiris. But with the passage of time, particularly during the past three decades, it has lost its glory. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility and Heritage Trust, the garden was revived by the JK Bank and formally thrown open for public in 2008.

This garden is nowadays visited by a large number of nature lovers and visitors. The Badamwari Garden is in full bloom during the spring season. The aura of the garden has fragrant airs and beautiful white flowers. You will spend a wonderful time at the Badamwari garden. You can stroll along the walkways and watch the beautiful flowers. An evening at the garden is really refreshing. You will feel awesome enjoying the scenic beauty of the garden. You will find flocks of tourists at the garden who come to watch the splendid garden.

Best Time To Visit

Throughout The Year.

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