Mughal Road

Mughal Road is the road between Bafliaz, a town in the Poonch district, to Shopian district in the Kashmir valley. The road is 84 km long. It passes over Pir Panjal Mountain range at an altitude of 11,500 ft (3505 m) that is higher than Banihal pass (2832 m).The road brings the Poonch and Rajouri districts closer to Srinagar in Kashmir valley and reduces the distance between Srinagar and Poonch from 588km to 126km. It makes an alternate road connectivity to Kashmir valley with rest of the country, an alternate to the over-crowded Jammu-Srinagar Highway through Jawahar Tunnel (Banihal Tunnel) in National Highway 1A. The road passes through Buffliaz, Behramgalla, Chandimarh,Poshana, Chattapani, Peer Ki Gali, Aliabad, Zaznar, Dubjan, Heerpora and Shopian.The road was historically used by Mughal emperors to travel and conquer Kashmir during the sixteenth century. It was the route used by Akbar the Great to conquer Kashmir in 1586 and his son Emperor Jahangir died while returning from Kashmir on this road near Rajouri.

Peer ki Gali

Peer ki Gali is a religious spot named because of a converted Hindu saint (Seikh Ahmed Karim). Bernier Francios a most famous Francis visitor who happened to pass this place along with caravan of Mughal emperor Auranzab while going to Kashmir from Lahore in 1665 writes that this saint was living here from the time of king Jhanjir. This saint could perform miracles by producing horrible voices. He could also bring storms along with hail stones and snow. He was an old white bearded man who ordered the people not to create noise in this calm place of God and also demand offerings from them. It seems that peer used to tell that Mughal king Auranzab and Shah Jahan were wise enough as they passed this calm place of God very calmly unlike Jahangir. As a result, Jahangir faced dangerous results during his time of rule

Aliabad Sarai.

Few kilometres away from Peer ki Gali is situated another Mughal fort named as Aliabad Sarai. This fort was constructed by Mughal king Shah Jahan. It is a beautiful example of art created by artists of Mughal empire. As per the written records Ali Mardan Khan was a Mughal constructor and he had constructed all the forts and routes along Mughal road. There are some interesting stories around a secret routes created around Aliabad Sarai. A lot of green meadows around Mughal Road are full of cattle grazing and enjoying sunshine. Daubjan is another such beautiful and attractive meadow. Daubjan is followed by Heerpur. Roads and meadows around Heerpur will make you float in heavenly atmosphere of Kashmir and probably that's why Kashmir is known as heaven on Earth.

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