Rural Tourism

Tourism growth potential can be harnessed as a strategy for Rural Development. The development of a strong platform around the concept of Rural Tourism is definitely useful for a country like India, where almost 74% of the population resides in its 7 million villages. Across the world the trends of industrialization and development have had an urban centric approach. Alongside, the stresses of Urban lifestyles have led to a “ counter-urbanization”syndrome. This has led to growing interest in the rural areas. At the same time this trend of urbanization has led to falling income levels, lesser job opportunities in the total areas leading to an urbanization syndrome in the rural areas. Rural Tourism is one of the few activities which can provide a solution to these problems. Besides, there are other factors which are shifting the trend towards rural tourism like increasing levels of awareness, growing interest in heritage and culture and improved accessibility, and environmental consciousness. In the developed countries, this has resulted in a new style of tourism of visiting village settings to experience and live a relaxed and healthy lifestyle. This concept has taken the shape of a formal kind of Rural Tourism.

Following 33 villages of Kashmir Division have been identified for development as a Tourist Villages under Prime Minister’s Reconstruction Plan .The project report for these identified 33 villages of Kashmir Division have been submitted to MOT, GOI for approval.

i. Villages Identified: 33

1.Gagangir Sonamarg, 2.Tulmulla Ganderbal, 3.Naranag Kangan, 4.Poshkar Budgam, 5.Pakherpora Budgam, 6.Kachwari Budgam, 7.Pahalgam, 8.Qoimoh Anantnag, 9.Omah Verinag, 10.Banimullah Anantnag,11. Vasaknag Kulgam, 12. Akingam Anantnag, 13. Drung Baramulla, 14.Gohan Baramulla, 15.Dandmoh Baramulla, 16. Manasbal Bandipora, 17.Saderkote Payeen Bandipora, 18. Chuntpathri Nambalnar Baramulla, 19.Watlab Bandipora, 20.Didikote Kupwara, 21.Wader Wader Bala Kupwara, 22.Nowgam-Mawar Kupwara, 23.Litter Pulwama, 24.Sharshali Pulwama,25. Baghi Sangerwani Pulwama, 26.Hirpora Shopian, 27. Sankoo Kargil, 28.Drass Kargil, 29.Tiger-Sumoor Leh, 30.Liker Khalsti Leh, 31. Khag Budgam, 32. Rafiabad Baramulla, 33.Chahal Shahkoot [Earthquake village] Kupwara,).

ii. Out of these 33 identified Tourist Villages of Kashmir province following 30 Tourist villages have been sanctioned by MOT, GOI so far , :-

Gagangir Sonamarg, 2. Naranag Kangan, 3.Pahalgam, 4.Vasaknag Kulgam, 5.Akingam Anantnag, 6.Drung Baramulla, 7.Gohan Baramulla, 8.Dandmoh Baramullah,9.Manasbal Bandipora, 10.Saderkote Payeen Bandipora, 11.Watlab Bandipora, 12.Wader Wader Bala Kupwara, 13.Nowgam-Mawar Kupwara, 14.Litter Pulwama, 15.Sharshali Pulwama, 16.Baghi Sangerwani Pulwama,17. Hirpora Shopian, 18.Tiger-Sumoor Leh, 19.Khag Budgam, 20.Rafiabad Baramulla, 21. Chahal Shahkoot [Earthquake village] Kupwara) 22. Poshkar Budgam, 23. Pakharpora Budgam, 24. Kachwari Budgam, 25.Kaimoh Anantnag, 26.Omah Verinag, 27.Chuntipathri, Nambal Nar, 28. Dedikoot Baramulla, 29. Sankoo Kargil, 30. Banimulla Kulgam (Anantnag)


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