Dal Lake

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The lake covers an area of 18 square kilometres and has a shore line of about 15.5 kilometres which is encompassed by a boulevard lined with parks, houseboats and hotels. Its average elevation is 1,583 metres and the depth of water varies from 6 metres to 2.5 metres. Dal Lake is 7.44 kilometres long and 3.5 kilometres wide. There are dozens of habitations in the Dal Lake for whom this huge water body is an important source for commercial operations in fishing and water plant harvesting. The interiors of Dal Lake possess floating gardens, locally known as Rad. Besides lotus flowers, the Rads are used to cultivate a wide range of vegetables and can be easily shifted to another place if conditions demand so.

Dal Lake harbours hundreds of houseboats and shikaras. To enjoy the vastness and the scenic views of the lake, shikara cruise is the best option. Colourfully decorated and immensely cozy shikaras are available on all sides of the Dal Lake. Nehru Park is one of the attractions for the tourists. It is an isle just away from the main boulevard road containing a park and a hotel. Char Chinar is one more island in the Dal that also is equally famous among the tourists. A long line of houseboats lay from Dalgate to Gagribal, providing visitors accommodation and night stay on the waters of Dal Lake, accommodating all kinds of pockets. There are scores of hotels and restaurants flanking the shores of Dal Lake that provide an opportunity for the tourists to enjoy the mesmerizing evenings at the banks of this magnificent lake.

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