Kathi Darwaza

Kathi Darwaza is the main entrance gate to the Hari Parbat Fort, which majestically stands atop a hill, overlooking Srinagar. As per the Persian inscription on gate, it was built in A. H. 1006 (A.D. 1597-98) by the orders of emperor Akbar. It is a fine specimen of the splendid Mughal architecture that evolved during the reign of the influential Mughal Empire.

Shankracharya temple

The temple consists of a circular sanctum built on a high octagonal plinth approached by a long flight of steps flanked by two side walls. The plinth is surmounted by a parapet wall, the inner face of which is adorned by a range of arcuate recesses enclosed in rectangular panels. The upper part of the sikhara has disappeared.

Tomb of Zain

The tomb was built by Sultan Zainul- Abidin. Its superstructure comprises of a main central dome with four smaller domes in the corners. It is embellished with glazed blue tiles. Another enclosure with gateway to the north of the tomb contains a number of tombs one of which is said to be of the king himself.

Pather Masjid

The mosque is said to have been built in A.D.1623 by Empress Nur Jahan. Its facade consists of nine cusped arches including an arched portion in the centre.

Pari Mahal

Pari Mahal is a structure of six terraces built by Dara Shikoh. In the uppermost terrace, there are the ruins of two structures resembling a baradari and a reservoir. In the middle of second terrace is a large tank.


The site contains eleven megaliths five of which are erected and others have fallen. Excavation at the site has revealed a three fold cultural sequence, starting from the Neolithic period and succeeded by Megalithic and early historical cultures. Bone tools, stone tools and pottery have been unearthed, besides a number of dwelling and burial pits pertaining to the Neolithic period.

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