Akhnoor Fort

The fort is situated on the right bank of River Chenab (Ancient name Asikni). The construction of the fort was started by Mian Tej Singh in 1762 A.D. and completely by his successor Raja Alum Singh in 1802 A.D.

Ambaran Monastry

The Buddhist site is situated on the right bank of river Chenab about 5 km from Akhnoor fort. The scientific excavation yielded remains of a monastery and large number of terracotta heads and pottery ranging from second-first century B.C. to eight century A.D.

Purana Mahal

Purana Mahal (Old Palace), Ramnagar, District Udhampur Built by Raja Suchet Singh, the Purana Mahal consists of a complex of rooms rising to three storeys having high walls with watchtowers at regular intervals.

Nawa Mahal

Nawa Mahal, Ramnagar, District Udhampur was built by Raja Ram Singh, son of Raja Ranbir Singh. The complex has open courtyards surrounded by rooms with two entrances facing each other in opposite wings.

Sheesh Mahal

Sheesh Mahal, Ramnagar, Dist. Udhampur was built during the resign of Raja Ram Singh, it comprises two forecourts having burjis at the corners. Behind these are halls and rooms flanked on either side of the central passage.

Kala Dera Temple - II

The temple is Saptratha on plan externally and built on a raised platform approached by a flight of steps on the east.

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