Paper Machie

Paper Machie is one of the unique crafts in the entire world. Paper Machie objects are usually used for decoration. However some objects can be of household use too. To make a papermachie object, paper is usually soaked, pulped and pasted layer by layer over a mould. A mixture of chalk and glue is then pasted upon

Wood Carving

Woodcarving is one of the most important cottage industries in Kashmir. Walnut wood is very soft, so crafts men carve out intricate and beautiful designs on it.


Chain Stitch - Natively known as "Jalakdozi", chain stitch rugs are the speciality of Kashmir. These rugs are made on "hessain cloth" or handmade cotton cloth, in continued stitch with superior woolen or silken yarn, with the help of a hook type tool natively called "Aurah". The designs range from floral patterns to animal and human forms traced by a designer, while the craftsman embroiders in two-ply or three ply woollen/silken yarn. The rug looks like a carpet in which the pile is substituted by the texture.


A shawl is a simple item of clothing, loosely worn over the shoulders, upper body and arms, and sometimes also over the head. It is usually a rectangular or square piece of cloth, that is often folded to make a triangle but can also be triangular in shape. Other shapes include oblong shawls.


Kashmiri silverware is one of the ancient arts in Kashmir. The design on the object is known as ‘naqash’ which vary from simple to intricate.


The Kashmiri copperware is an ancient artwork. The floral, stylized, geometric, leaf and even calligraphic motifs that are engraved or embossed on copper or brass.

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