Sheher-e-Khas Walk

Walk along the pathways filled with historic charm and relive the days that were. As you walk down the winding roads of Srinagar or “Sheher-e-Khas”as called by the Mughals you will see the oldworld stories coming to life. Sultan ghiyas-ud-din Zain-ul-Abidin (1423-1474) a tolerant and visionary ruler, lovingly referred to as Budshah- the great king was the eighth Sultan of Kashmir.

Mughal Walk

Walking through Srinagar, you will come across several architectural marvels where the grandness of Mugal architecture still lingers. And just a glimpse of thesestructures and their magnanimiety you will be left in awe. Such is the sheer brilliance and beauty of Srinagar. Much has been said about the Mughals love for Kashmir:

Lal Chowk Walk

The walk starts at the newly built plaza in Lal chowk, present-day commercial hub. We then pass through lanes lines with shops selling namdas and other crafts at koker Bazar, the fish market on Amira Kadal, and a wholesale cloth market and gold jewellery market, along Hari Singh High Street a colonial Plaza with long extended porticoes and wooden fretwork. The Significant structures in the area are the Sherghari Palace, Saddar Court Complex, Gurdwara and the Sri Pratap Singh Museum along the Bund.

Pilgrims Walk

Srinagar has been the confluence of various religious philosophies such as Buddhism, shaivism, and islam and since the 13th century, it has been the home to various sufi cultures. The Pilgrim’s walk takes us through these holy sites which are a mix of grand sacred architecture and humble vernacular architecture. One such example is the Baghadadi Mohalla, where a community of copper artisans trace their origins to Baghdadi Mohalla, where a community of copper artisans

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