Kashmir is a multi factor demand set like a jewel on the map of India. the two major Himalayan ranges, the great Himalayan and the Pirpanchal surround the valley from the north and south respectively, The Mughal aptly called Kashmir as ‘paradise on earth’ and traveled long distance to spend the summers in its cool environs. Kashmir is the land were many holiday ideas are related, a gift if its spectacular landscape and distinctive seasons.


Due to the diverse geography and a myriad of cultures in Jammu and Kashmir, coupled with the popularity of adventure sports adventure tourism in India has become quite popular. Backpacking, or light travel, is a popular way to explore India. Many of those who have previously visit will describe the visit as not having been a holiday but an adventure.


Kashmir has been rightly called angler's paradise,with a network of rivers and streams as well as high altitude lakes all abounding in trout both brown and rainbow, introduced by British at the peak of the British Raj in India (early 19th century).. Trout fishing in Kashmir


Kashmir offers a unique opportunity to play golf in invigorating surroundings, where the wind whispers through enormous trees of chinar and stately pine. In the verdant golf courses at Srinagar and Gulmarg, you will be able to play for longer hours than you can in the plains because of the lower temperatures – Srinagar’s highest temperature seldom goes above 35°C.

Horse riding

Kashmir is famously known as paradise personified on earth dressed with beautiful landscapes that hold stretches of snow-surmounted mountain peaks. Adding to the charm are the crystal azure blue lakes responsible for enhancing the Kashmir adventure tourism and Adventure Sports as well.

Rural Tourism

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