Panchvaktar Temple

The temple was constructed by Raja Guje Singh of Jammu (1687-1703) and is considered one of the oldest in Jammu. It is linked to the visit of Shankaracharya in the ninth century A.D.

Peer Kho Temple

During the reign of Raja Biram Dev of Jammu (1454 – 95) a famous mendicant Jogi Guru Garib Nath belonging to the Guru Gorakh Nath order came to Jammu and resided at Peer Kho. Kho means cave in the local dialect.

AmarNath Piligrimage

Amarnath - Shiva, in the form of a lingam, is formed naturally of an ice - stalagmite One of the holy trinity, Shiva is a living god(also known as BabaBarfani)


Kheer Bhawani is a temple dedicated to the worship of the goddess Kheer Bhawani (originally just Bhawani) constructed over a sacred spring of hers in a natural setting.

Martand sun temple

The Martand Sun Temple was a Kashmiri Hindu temple dedicated to Surya (the chief solar deity in Hinduism)and built during the 8th century CE.

Mata SartalDevi Mandir

Sarthal Mata, considered as re-incarnation of Goddess Durga,is the chief deity of Hindus in Kishtwar (Jammu and Kashmir)and adjoining areas.

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