Dastageer sahab

Dastgeer Sahib is a 200-year-old shrine situated in Khaniyar built in memory of Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jelani. It has the old Quran written by Hazrat Abu Bakr Sidiqqi, Hazrat Ali, and the Mouia Pak, a piece of hair from Gous E Azam. It was constructed in 1806 and expanded in 1877 by Khwaja Sanaullah Shawl

It is the center of the activity hub of the Khaniyar and is surrounded by a large market. On the Urs of the Gous E Azam thousands of people from all over Kashmir go there to pray to Allah and watch the ziyarat.

The two-century-old shrine located in the Khanyar locality of Srinagar is an epitome of Kashmir architecture laden with ornate Khatamband ceilings and elaborate carvings with grand chandeliers adorning the main prayer hall.

The shrine was badly damaged in a fire on 25 June 2012. The relics of the saint that were located inside a fireproof vault were not damaged.The shrine has been restored to its original state.

Best Time To Visit

You can visit here all over the year.


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