Charar-e-Sharief, famous for shrine of Sufi saint - Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Noorani (RA) - is located on the way to Yousmarg, 30 kilometers from Srinagar. Charar-i-Sharief is probably one of the most ancient of shrines in Kashmir valley. Inheriting a heritage of about 600 years, Charar-e-Sharief shrine was badly damaged in 1995, however, it was again reconstructed. The historic tales behind Charar-e-Sharief narrates an array of interesting anecdotes. The mention of Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Noorani who took birth in 1377 AD at Qaimoh in Kulgam district of south Kashmir, is all -pervasive in the saga of the origin of Charar-e-Sharief. Called by the name of Nund Reshi, Noor-ud-Din Noorani (RA) propounded the significance of Rishism in Kashmir valley centuries ago. During his entire life, Noor-ud-Din Noorani spread the message of tolerance and communal peace among the local people of the valley.

From political, social and economical upheavals, the Rishis or saints emerged with sacred thoughts which gave comfort and mitigated the miseries of the people of valley. Nund Reshi was the patron of the Sufism in Kashmir who showed disinterest in worldly matters from childhood and renounced the world at an early age of 12 in search of divinity of Allah. When the people of valley were suffering and yet spontaneously uttered concise and rhythmic verses called ‘Shruks’ which are considered of high value in Kashmiri literature.

Besides the shrine, Charar-e-Sharief is also known for Kashmiri handicrafts as well. Carpets, crewel work and Kagri weaving is popular among the people. Kangri (a fire pot surrounded by interwoven twigs to keep one warm during winters), produced here are quite in demand in Kashmir. The area is also famous for dried pellets of fruits like apple, apricots and others. Visitors can enjoy shopping in the main market after having paid obeisance at the shrine. Local buses ply only upto Charar-e-Sharief, tourists are advised to hire a taxi from Srinagar or take the assistance of a travel agent. The road from Charar-e-Sharief to Yousmarg may occassionaly remain closed during winter due to heavy snowfall.

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